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Why We Love Estate Pipe by: Alan Carlson

Let’s start by defining what an estate pipe is – a previously owned pipe that can range from very old to fairly new. At Briar 911, we refer to them as Heritage pipes and we work on refurbishing all kinds, from drug store pipes to high-end collector grade pipes. When choosing which estate pipes to refurbish, we take many factors into consideration, including the pipe’s look, style, stain, grain, and the condition of its stem. We believe that all pipes are worth refurbishing because they were once worth making.

But our love for estate pipes goes beyond their refurbishment potential. We also enjoy imagining the original owner and what kind of person they were. We wonder why they chose that particular pipe – was it for efficiency, economics, or simply because they loved how it looked and felt? We even try to identify what kind of tobacco they smoked, sometimes by the scent left behind. We ponder if the owner had other pipes in their collection, and if so, what motivated their selection.

Overall, the process of refurbishing estate pipes is thrilling and fulfilling, as we get to bring these old pipes back to life and pass them on to new owners who will enjoy them for years to come.

Alan Carlson 


Pipe Shop Owner & Restorer


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