Ryan Alden Ace Sandblasted Bent Author Estate Briar Pipe [SOLD OUT]


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Ryan Alden is an artisan pipe-maker from Texas in the United States. Something of a renaissance man, Alden is not only an extremely talented pipe-maker, but also someone trained in fine arts and other crafts, such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, and leather-working. For us in the pipe world, however, it is his hand made smoking instruments that shine the brightest. Alden’s pipe-making is highly inventive and notable for its unorthodox designs, while also being first rate in technical precision.

Alden’s pipes aren’t always graded, but when they are they’re graded based on poker hands – specifically, the Ace High Straight (or Royal Flush, to our non-American visitors). The pipes begin at a 10 card, and ascend in quality onward; Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, King of Clubs, and at the top, the Ace of Spaces. This pipe happens to be one of Alden’s rare, highest-grade Ace of Spades pipes. It’s not difficult to see why, either. It’s an author shape (or a very wide, bent apple, if you prefer), and a particularly muscular one at that, with the deepest, craggiest, contrast stained, ring grain sandblast imaginable. If you like Family Era Barling or Patent Era Dunhill sandblasts, but would prefer something more modern, this one might just be perfect for you.

The condition is excellent. There’s a little rim darkening, but it is minor and not especially noticeable.



Length: 5.5″

Bowl Width: 23.5mm

Bowl Depth: 1.6″

Weight: 2.8oz / 82g

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Weight 15 oz
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