Nathan Armentrout Sandblasted Lumberman with Mammoth, Handmade Briar Pipe


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Originally a science teacher in California, Nathan Armentrout began making pipes in 2009 and has since emerged as one of North America’s most talented, high-grade artisan pipe-makers. Inspired by Denmark’s legendary carvers, Nathan’s designs continue the legacy of the Danish pipe-making movement into the present day and expand that legacy through his own unique interpretations of the masters of old.

Here’s an interesting design from Nathan Armentrout – one might call it a Danish lumberman. It takes the classic lumberman shape – oval shank, saddle stem – and adds the flair needed to qualify it as neoclassical in the Danish mold – a flared ebonite stem, muscular proportions, and a shank adornment made from several millennia-old fossilized mammoth ivory. While fairly stout, the pipe is surprisingly very light, owing to the exclusively high quality of briar Armentrout uses. It also has a capacious chamber, which Armentrout is known for. It is his philosophy that the chamber should be as wide as is possible without in any way compromising on the stability of the bowl itself. This means the pipe will smoke any blend or cut like a dream – from English mixtures to virginia flakes – and look elegant while doing so.



Length: 5.5″

Bowl Width: 22.4mm

Bowl Depth: 1.6″

Weight: 1.5oz / 43g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New


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