MBSD Meerschaum Deluxe Anse Block Meerschaum Pipe, Briar-Mortis, 9mm [SOLD OUT]

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Our best-selling pipes are the MBSD Meerschaum Deluxe series, known for their exceptional quality. Crafted with the highest quality block meerschaum, they are the best smoking meerschaum pipes on the market. The patented Briar-Mortis technology has effectively addressed the common issue of meerschaum pipe stems becoming loose or misaligned. Functioning like traditional briar pipes, each Deluxe pipe is crafted from carefully selected block meerschaum, offering a lightweight and delightful smoking experience. Notably, these pipes boast a faster color-changing ability compared to most meerschaum pipes available in the market.



Length: 6″ / 152.4mm

Bowl Width: 0.86 / 21.8mm

Bowl Depth: 2.1″ / 53.3mm

Weight: 2.6oz / 76g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New