Hilson Smooth Meerschaum Lined Bent Dublin Estate Pipe [SOLD OUT]


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Hilson is something of an outlier in the pipe world, in that it is a successful company not from England, Denmark, France, the USA, or indeed any of the countries typically associated with pipe-making. Instead, Hilson is a pipe company that began in Belgium. Hilson was founded by the Hillen family in Bree in the late 19th century and went on to achieve considerable success during the mid-20th, before being bought out by Dutch company Gubbels. Given its geographical location, it should be no surprise that Hilson’s designs bear a mixture of French, German, and Danish influence. Before his passing, legendary artisan Rainer Barbi also designed pipes for the Belgian make.

This pipe is very interesting. Not just because it is from Belgium, a country not typically associated with pipes, but because it is a pipe lined with block meerschaum. Typically, meerschaum-lined pipes use pressed meerschaum, which is far easier to shape and fit into the stummel. Hilson’s Fantasia line marketed itself explicitly as using block meerschaum instead, which was a unique selling point. The bowl itself is made of Hilson’s proprietary Pipenite, which seems to be some sort of resin. As with this design, this strategy allowed Hilson to offer the best of both worlds; the cool, dry smoking properties of meerschaum and more traditional, lightweight pipe shapes.

The condition of the pipe is excellent. The meerschaum-like matt finish of the bowl is without issue and the vulcanite stem is free of tooth marks. The rim of the meerschaum bowl is a little stained from previous smoking, but that is, of course, what meerschaum is famous for.



Length: 6.2″

Bowl Width: 19.4mm

Bowl Depth: 1.8″

Weight: 1.5oz / 43g

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Weight 15 oz
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