Chris Morgan Hand Made, Arbutus Fugu, American Artisan Pipe [SOLD OUT]

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Chris Morgan is one of America’s most talented and prolific pipe-makers, having established himself not only as a carver of high-grade, artisan pipes, but also as the mastermind behind half a dozen lines of pipes in various styles and at various price points. Some know him for his cult-favorite ‘Bones’ pipes, others for his patented ‘Briar Cigar,’ while more recently he has been teaming up with fellow artisan Sean Reum on the collaborative ‘Workshop’ series. But those who have been following Morgan’s career since the beginning know him simply as someone who knows how to make great pipes for every occasion.

This particular Morgan is one of his Hand Made series, which, as the name suggests, are the artisan pipes he alone produces, by hand, in his workshop in Los Gatos, California. These are the pipes that Morgan has been making for the longest time, having begun his journey into high-grade pipe making in 2006. The pipe itself is crafted as an interpretation of the difficult ‘Fugu’ shape, which Morgan has here pulled off marvelously. The arbutus briar – extracted from the root of the strawberry tree – is a favorite of Morgan, as it is particularly receptive to sandblasting. It has been left in a light, natural stain in order to emphasize the various briar patterns brought out by the blast, and is complemented by a similarly hued ebonite stem that blends seamlessly into the shank.

The pipe is fairly light, and should be suitable for most smoking occasions. Given how busy he is with his various pipe projects, Morgan does not produce many Hand Made pipes these days, so this is a relatively rare opportunity to get your hands on one.



Length: 6.5″

Bowl Width: 19.6mm

Bowl Depth: 1.5″

Weight: 45g

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Weight 15 oz
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