BBB Peacemaker 4 Smooth Bent Estate Briar Pipe, Unsmoked

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‘BBB’ originally stood for ‘Blumfeld’s Best Briars’, so named after Louis Blumfeld after he took over the historic Alfred Frankenau Company in 1856. Later, the pipes came to be known as ‘Britain’s Best Briars’. Though the name might have changed, the quality of the pipes did not – they really were fantastic pipes, made in the classic style of the English-French shape chart. Like GBD, Dunhill, and Barling’s, BBB are pipes with a rich history behind them, proudly holding the title of “the oldest trade mark in the [pipe] industry.”

This is not your everyday BBB. In fact, it’s quite a departure from the make’s famed briars. But don’t fret, it is still one heck of a pipe. One underappreciated aspect of BBB was its innovative approaches to pipe design. From its pioneering briars, to the Glokar system, to its table pipes, BBB wasn’t afraid to take pipe-making in new directions. And so, here we have the Peacemaker. If you’re at all familiar with Falcon pipes, it’s almost exactly the same deal; a threaded briar bowl, a metal base and shank, and a vulcanite stem. It is extremely lightweight, at just 32 grams, and it’s also incredibly easy to clean. Peacemaker pipes, like Falcons, have a cult following, and it isn’t especially difficult to understand why. Unlike Falcons, however, Peacemakers aren’t made anymore, so they’ve got an extra, collectible aspect to them.

This Peacemaker happens to also be completely unsmoked, and comes with its original box and sleeve.



Length: 5.3″ / 134.6mm

Bowl Width: 0.79 / 20.06mm

Bowl Depth: 0.97″ / 24.63mm

Weight: 1.1oz / 32g

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