BBB Filter Deluxe 398 Smooth Bent Apple Estate Briar Pipe


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‘BBB’ originally stood for ‘Blumfeld’s Best Briars’, so named after Louis Blumfeld after he took over the historic Alfred Frankenau Company in 1856. Later, the pipes came to be known as ‘Britain’s Best Briars’. Though the name might have changed, the quality of the pipes did not – they really were fantastic pipes, made in the classic style of the English-French shape chart. Like GBD, Dunhill, and Barling’s, BBB are pipes with a rich history behind them, proudly holding the title of “the oldest trade mark in the [pipe] industry.”

BBB’s Filter Deluxe Range were made with the intention of allowing pipe smokers who use filters to be able to do so in a BBB pipe. For those of you who do not use filters: don’t worry, the pipe comes with an adapter for use without one. But for those of you who do, this pipe will accept a 6mm charcoal or meerschaum filter, or indeed a balsa filter, such as the ones Savinelli makes for their pipes.

The pipe is unsmoked, with an original factory bowl coating, and comes with its original box and sleeve.



Length: 5.5″ / 139.7mm

Bowl Width: 0.75 / 19.05mm

Bowl Depth: 1.19″ / 30.22mm

Weight: 1.8oz / 52g

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Weight 15 oz
Condition New