BBB Own Make Virgin 636, Estate [SOLD OUT]

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This timeless English Billiard epitomizes elegance in its straight, clean, and unadorned design. Crafted by a renowned English brand, it embodies the classic essence of pipe making. Despite the passage of time, this pipe retains its allure and charm.

Adorned with a tasteful polished finish, it exudes understated sophistication. The presence of some captivating cross-grain at the fore enhances its visual appeal, adding a touch of natural beauty to the overall aesthetic. While it has acquired a few dings and some scraping along the rim, these imperfections serve as a testament to its journey and experiences.


Notes: On the bottom of the mouthpiece there is slight chatter.

Length: 5.9″

Bowl Width: 20.8mm

Bowl Depth: 1.75

Weight: 1.5oz

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Weight 15 oz
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