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    Morgan Pipes Arbutus 101, Sandblasted Apple, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

    Introducing the exceptional Arbutus series, skillfully crafted by Morgan Pipes, where wild grain meets high relief stain in stunning harmony. Each pipe in this collection has been expertly sandblasted to achieve a unique depth, unveiling mesmerizing and enchanting patterns that are truly extraordinary. The buffing process further enhances the beauty, showcasing the grain’s intricate dance….


    Morgan Pipes Arbutus 103, Sandblasted Dublin, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

    Introducing the Arbutus series by Morgan Pipes, showcasing exquisite high relief stain on wild grain. These exceptional pipes have been expertly sandblasted to achieve a slightly deeper texture than the standard, enhancing the captivating patterns. Adding to its allure, the Arbutus series is adorned with a Cumberland acrylic stem, combining both aesthetics and functionality. As…


    Morgan Pipes Arbutus 102, Sandblasted Poker, Unsmoked [SOLD OUT]

    Discover the exquisite Arbutus series handcrafted by Morgan Pipes, where artistry meets wild grain in a high relief stain. Each pipe has been skillfully sandblasted to achieve a depth beyond the ordinary, revealing mesmerizing and intricate patterns that are simply captivating. The polished Cumberland acrylic stem adds a touch of elegance to these masterpieces. To…