Peterson Grafton Pipe and Pipe Bag Hardshell Case, New Pipe Carrying Case [SOLD OUT]

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From pipe pouches to rustic tampers and sleek lighters, Peterson’s range of accessories complement the Irish manufacturer’s long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, with each accessory custom designed and tailored to pair naturally with any Peterson pipe. The new Grafton line underlines this dedication to high-quality, highly functional smoking accessories by ushering in a number of unique and well-constructed models you simply won’t find anywhere else. This Grafton Single Pipe & Pipe Bag Hardshell Case features a durable exterior of reinforced, tan-colored leather, complemented by an inner lining of green suede with a matching brown leather clasp. Each pipe case also contains a matching green suede pipe bag — the same bags Peterson offers alongside their most prestigious pipes. Peterson Grafton Pipe and Pipe Bag Hardshell Case.

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